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The Early Life History of The Sand Smelt (Atherina Presbyter)

  • R. N. Bamber (a1), P. A. Henderson (a1) and A. W. H. Turnpenny (a1)


The sand smelt (Atherina presbyter Cuvier) is a small, pelagic inshore fish common on some coasts of Britain. The biology of the sand smelt population in Southampton Water, Hants., U.K., has been described in detail (Turnpenny, Bamber & Henderson, 1981), but individuals less than 3 months old were not found during the course of that study.



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The Early Life History of The Sand Smelt (Atherina Presbyter)

  • R. N. Bamber (a1), P. A. Henderson (a1) and A. W. H. Turnpenny (a1)


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