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Distribution and seasonal cycles of decapod crustacean larvae in Continuous Plankton Records from the North Pacific Ocean

  • J.A. Lindley (a1) and S.D. Batten (a1)


Decapoda taken in Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) samples from the Pacific in 1997 and 2000–2003 have been identified and measured. Some previously un-described larval stages were referred to species and characteristics of these are described. Distributions and seasonal occurrence of decapod taxa in the samples are described and discussed with particular emphasis on the dendrobranchiate shrimp Sergestes similis and the brachyurans Cancer spp. and Chionoecetes spp. There is a prolonged larval season at low levels of abundance off the Californian coast but in the more northern waters there is a shorter productive period but numbers of larvae per sample are high, particularly in June. Larvae of Chionoecetes and other Oregoninae were found only from May to July.


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Distribution and seasonal cycles of decapod crustacean larvae in Continuous Plankton Records from the North Pacific Ocean

  • J.A. Lindley (a1) and S.D. Batten (a1)


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