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  • Thomas H. Geisser (a1)


Let ${\mathcal{X}}$ be a regular variety, flat and proper over a complete regular curve over a finite field such that the generic fiber $X$ is smooth and geometrically connected. We prove that the Brauer group of ${\mathcal{X}}$ is finite if and only Tate’s conjecture for divisors on $X$ holds and the Tate–Shafarevich group of the Albanese variety of $X$ is finite, generalizing a theorem of Artin and Grothendieck for surfaces to arbitrary relative dimension. We also give a formula relating the orders of the group under the assumption that they are finite, generalizing the known formula for a surface.



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Supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid (A) 15H02048-1, (C) 18K03258



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  • Thomas H. Geisser (a1)


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