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  • Alberto Castaño Domínguez (a1) and Christian Sevenheck (a2)


We determine the irregular Hodge filtration, as introduced by Sabbah, for the purely irregular hypergeometric ${\mathcal{D}}$ -modules. We obtain, in particular, a formula for the irregular Hodge numbers of these systems. We use the reduction of hypergeometric systems from GKZ-systems as well as comparison results to Gauss–Manin systems of Laurent polynomials via Fourier–Laplace and Radon transformations.



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The authors are partially supported by the project SISYPH: ANR-13-IS01-0001-01/02 and DFG grant SE 1114/5-1.



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  • Alberto Castaño Domínguez (a1) and Christian Sevenheck (a2)


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