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The pure part of HYP(ℳ)

  • Mark Nadel and Jonathan Stavi


Let ℳ be a structure for a language ℒ on a set M of urelements. HYP(ℳ) is the least admissible set above ℳ. In §1 we show that pp(HYP(ℳ)) [= the collection of pure sets in HYP(ℳ)] is determined in a simple way by the ordinal α = ° (HYP(ℳ)) and the ℒ theory of ℳ up to quantifier rank α. In §2 we consider the question of which pure countable admissible sets are of the form pp(HYP(ℳ)) for some ℳ and show that all sets Lα (α admissible) are of this form. Other positive and negative results on this question are obtained.


Corresponding author

Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305


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