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Violence at Constantinople in A.D. 341–2 and Themistius, Oration 1*

  • Alexander Skinner (a1)


This article argues that Oration 1 by Themistius was prompted by violence at Constantinople in 341–2, and that the likeliest date for the speech is as early as March 342. Detailed arguments are presented in support of this correlation, which contrasts with the usual assignment of Themistius' speech to either 347/348 or 350/351. The wider significance of these arguments is also highlighted. In particular, there are implications for our understanding of the chronology and overall trajectory of Themistius' early career; and implications for the development of imperial ideology in the 340s.


Corresponding author


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I am grateful to Neil McLynn and Charlotte Roueché for their comments on a draft. I am also indebted to my wife, Natasha, both for commenting on a draft and for help with unicode font.



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Violence at Constantinople in A.D. 341–2 and Themistius, Oration 1*

  • Alexander Skinner (a1)


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