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Transitions in the surface dust-ion-acoustic mode in a self-gravitating semi-bounded magnetized dusty plasma

  • HWA-MIN KIM (a1) and YOUNG-DAE JUNG (a2)


The transitions and the self-gravitational effects on the surface dust-ion-acoustic mode are investigated in semi-bounded magnetized dusty plasmas. We find that there is a dust-ion-acoustic resonance mode in small wave number regions. Furthermore, we find that the self-gravitational effects enhance the resonance frequency. However, the surface wave starts to propagate as the wave number increases. The transition position between the resonance oscillation and the wave propagation is shifted to the smaller wave number domain as self-gravitational effects increase. In addition, the resonance frequency is found to decrease with decreasing strength of the magnetic field in small wave number domains.



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Transitions in the surface dust-ion-acoustic mode in a self-gravitating semi-bounded magnetized dusty plasma

  • HWA-MIN KIM (a1) and YOUNG-DAE JUNG (a2)


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