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Fusion conditions in a finite-thickness gas-puff staged Z-pinch

  • Arshad M. Mirza (a1), N. A. D. Khattak (a1), M. Iqbal (a1) and G. Murtaza (a1)


We investigate the implosion of a dense τ-pinch plasma driven by an annular finite-thickness gas-puff Z-pinch. The imploding Z-pinch traps an axial magnetic field Bz, compressing it to large values in an extremely short time. The temporal variation of Bz then induces an azimuthal τ current on the surface of a fibre placed on the axis, with a rise time an order of magnitude shorter than the rise time of the Z-pinch current. Our numerical results demonstrate that, for a thick gas-puff layer, maximum compression occurs before the current peaks.We also find that at peak compression, fuel densities of the order of 1025 cm-3 and temperatures above 10 keV can be achieved on a time scale of the order of 0.1 ns. Thus a Lawson parameter nτ ≈ 1014 s cm-3 for a DT fibre becomes achievable. The snowplough effect in the Z-pinch exercises a stabilization effect on the growth of sausage and Rayleigh—Taylor instabilities. In the limit of a very thin gas-puff layer, previous results are fully recovered.



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Fusion conditions in a finite-thickness gas-puff staged Z-pinch

  • Arshad M. Mirza (a1), N. A. D. Khattak (a1), M. Iqbal (a1) and G. Murtaza (a1)


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