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Energy variations at the onset of the tearing instability

  • G. Torricelli-Ciamponi (a1)


The resistive instability of a simple one-dimensional current sheet model has been investigated both in the long and in the short wavelength approximation. For the linear phase of the instability it is possible to derive, by means of an expansion technique, an analytical expression for the growth rate and for the perturbation itself. The variations of each kind of energy (magnetic, kinetic and dissipated energies, Poynting vector, work against pressure gradients and magnetic forces) are then exactly computed. Different behaviour of the System is obtained for different wavelengths. In particular, the driving energy for the instability is found to come from different regions: for high wavenumber α there is a decrease of the magnetic energy in the inner resistive region where the reconnection occurs, whereas for low-α modes the magnetic energy decreases in the outer ideal region. Moreover, the amount of Joule dissipation is found to increase with decreasing α so that the low-α regime is the most efficient.



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Energy variations at the onset of the tearing instability

  • G. Torricelli-Ciamponi (a1)


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