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Dust particles of finite dimensions in complex plasmas: thermodynamics and dust-acoustic wave dispersion

  • A. E. Davletov (a1), L. T. Yerimbetova (a1), Yu. V. Arkhipov (a1), Ye. S. Mukhametkarimov (a1), A. Kissan (a1) and I. M. Tkachenko (a2)...


Grounded on the premise that dust particles are charged hard balls, the analysis in Davletov et al. (Contrib. Plasma Phys., vol. 56, 2016, 308) provides an original pseudopotential model of intergrain interaction in complex (dusty) plasmas. This accurate model is engaged herein to consistently treat the finite-size effects from the process of dust particle charging to determination of the thermodynamic quantities and the dust-acoustic wave dispersion in the strongly coupled regime. The orbital motion limited approximation is adopted to evaluate an electric charge of dust grains immersed in a neutralizing background of the buffer plasma. To account for finite dimensions of dust particles, the radial distribution function is calculated within the reference hypernetted-chain (RHNC) approximation to demonstrate a well-pronounced short-range order formation at rather large values of the coupling parameter and the packing fraction. The evaluated excess pressure of the dust component is compared to the available theoretical approaches and the simulation data and is then used to predict the dust-acoustic wave (DAW) dispersion in the strongly coupled regime under the assumption that the dust particles charge varies in the course of propagation. In contrast to many previous investigations, it is demonstrated for the first time ever that for DAWs the charge variation of dust particles should necessarily be taken into account while evaluating the dust isothermal compressibility.


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