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Do nonlinear waves evolve in a universal manner in dusty and other plasma environments?

  • R. Bharuthram (a1), S. V. Singh (a2), S. K. Maharaj (a3), S. Moolla (a4), I. J. Lazarus (a5), R. V. Reddy (a2) and G. S. Lakhina (a2)...


Using a fluid theory approach, this article provides a comparative study on the evolution of nonlinear waves in dusty plasmas, as well as other plasma environments, viz electron-ion, and electron-positron plasmas. Where applicable, relevance to satellite measurements is pointed out. A range of nonlinear waves from low frequency (ion acoustic and ion cyclotron waves), high frequency (electron acoustic and electron cyclotron waves) in electron-ion plasmas, ultra-low frequency (dust acoustic and dust cyclotron waves) in dusty plasmas and in electron-positron plasmas are discussed. Depending upon the plasma parameters, saw-tooth and bipolar structures are shown to evolve.


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