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Distribution function and diffusion of α-particles in DT fusion plasma

  • M. A. Liberman (a1) and A. L. Velikovich (a1)


In the Fokker-Planck approximation, a general solution of the kinetic equation for the distribution function of non-thermal α-particles in spatially uniform DT plasma is obtained. The previously published solutions are then derived as special cases. Transport equations describing diffusion of non-thermal α-particles are obtained and diffusion coefficients are calculated. To compare the hydro-dynamic and kinetic descriptions of non-thermal α-particle energy transport, the critical ignition length of the overheating instability in DT fusion plasma, determined by non-local plasma heating due to α-particle diffusion, is calculated using both approaches. The two results are in good agreement.



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Distribution function and diffusion of α-particles in DT fusion plasma

  • M. A. Liberman (a1) and A. L. Velikovich (a1)


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