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Random Flutter of Multi-Stable Airfoils Excited Parametrically in Steady Flows

  • Y. Hao (a1) and Z. Q. Wu (a2)


In this article, random flutter of multi-stable airfoils in steady flow is investigated by means of the analytical method for stochastic P-bifurcation, where the effect of the stochastic disturbance in the generalized flow speed on the airfoils is considered. The results show that under constant stochastic disturbance intensity, the coherence resonance could be induced by the variation of generalized flow speed. In addition, if the generalized flow speed keeps unchanged and its stochastic disturbance is sufficiently large, the response of the system will tend to be a stable equilibrium. It indicates that the parametric stochastic disturbance is effective to maintain system stability. Moreover, it is shown in this paper that the analytical method for stochastic P-bifurcation can be extended to study stochastic P-bifurcations in other high-dimensional systems.


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Random Flutter of Multi-Stable Airfoils Excited Parametrically in Steady Flows

  • Y. Hao (a1) and Z. Q. Wu (a2)


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