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Fracture Analysis on a Cylindrical Composite Containing a Sliding Interface: An Interesting Phenomenon of Oscillatory Interfacial Normal Stress and its Implications

  • H. X. Wei (a1), T. Xiong (a2), Y. D. Li (a1) (a2) and Y. Guan (a1)


Fracture analysis is performed on a cylindrical composite consisting of an outer elastic layer, an inner rigid cylinder and an intermediate sliding interface. Interaction between the sliding interface and a parallel crack under in-plane shear is explored. An interesting phenomenon of oscillatory normal stress occurs on the local interfacial region near to the crack. It leads to local sliding-prevention and promotion effects, which constitute the mechanisms for the variations of stress intensity factors versus interfacial parameters. In addition, another interesting conclusion is that a crack near and parallel to a sliding interface never has the conventional anti-symmetry, even under pure in-plane shear loading.


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