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Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Quasi-Static Crushing Behaviour of the S-Shape Square Tubes

  • A. Khalkhali (a1), A. Masoumi (a2), A. Darvizeh (a3), M. Jafari (a4) and A. Shiri (a4)...


Vehicle energy absorbing components usually have a curved shape to avoid interference with other components like engine, driving system and fuel tank, etc. Crush behaviour of the S-shape square tubes, as a simplified model of front member of a vehicle body, is investigated in the present study. Experimental and numerical investigation into the quasi static crushing of such tubes was performed. Experimental tests were carried out with cross head speed of 5mm/min. Finite element analysis was performed using ABAQUS/Explicit to simulate quasi-static tests conditions. The predicted crushing characteristics such as global deformation mode, plastic folding mode and load-displacement response obtained by numerical approach were found to be in good agreement with the experimental results. The validated numerical model was then used in the parametric study to examine the effect of design parameters such as wall thickness, web width, curve angle and radius of curvature on the energy absorption capability of the S-shape square tubes. It is shown that some interesting relationships can be discovered by the parametric study to be used as useful design approach for improving the performance of the S-shape tubes.


Corresponding author

*Assistant Professor, corresponding author


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Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Quasi-Static Crushing Behaviour of the S-Shape Square Tubes

  • A. Khalkhali (a1), A. Masoumi (a2), A. Darvizeh (a3), M. Jafari (a4) and A. Shiri (a4)...


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