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Design and Development of a Piezoelectric Actuator for the Scanning Probe Microscope Used in Ultrahigh Vacuum

  • K.-Y. Huang (a1) and C.-J. Lee (a1)


This paper is to present the design and development of a piezoelectric actuator for SPM in ultrahigh vacuum (10−7∼10−9 Torr). The measuring probe is installed on a precise scanning actuator, which is further driven by a fast approaching actuator. The precise scanning actuator composed of a piezo-tube with segmented electrodes can realize 3-D precise scanning motions at subnanometer level to move the measuring probe over the measured surface. Because of its stable and smooth actuating behavior, the inchworm actuating principle is selected for the fast approaching actuator, which is build up with two controllable clamping devices and an actuating device. Diverse flexure mechanisms are applied in the actuator to attain frictionless guiding and recovery functions. To realize balanced clamping forces on the scanning tube, each clamping device is integrated with a fine regulating mechanism for clamping force. By applying the theoretical model and the finite element analysis, the relations between force and deflection inside the actuator were investigated to validate its function. The developed actuator has sustained the severe baking and pumping process, and their function and performance were verified experimentally in ultrahigh vacuum.


Corresponding author

*Associate Professor
**Master of Science


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