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UV-resistant hydrophobic rutile titania aerogels synthesized through a nonalkoxide ambient pressure drying process

  • Wei Wei (a1), Jimin Xie (a1), Yinyin Wu (a1), Jianjun Zhu (a1), Xiaomeng Lü (a1) and Zaoxue Yan (a1)...


The hydrophobic rutile titania aerogels were successfully prepared by nonalkoxide ambient pressure drying through a modification process. The resulted materials were characterized by x-ray diffraction, scanning electronic microscope, transmission electron microscope, contact angle analyzer, Brunauer–Emmett–Teller specific surface area, and ultraviolet (UV)–visible diffuse reflection spectrum. The experimental results demonstrated that the as-prepared samples nanoparticles with rutile crystalline structure were uniformly distributed. The UV-resistant hydrophobic samples having high surface area were used as photocatalysts for dye degradation reaction.


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UV-resistant hydrophobic rutile titania aerogels synthesized through a nonalkoxide ambient pressure drying process

  • Wei Wei (a1), Jimin Xie (a1), Yinyin Wu (a1), Jianjun Zhu (a1), Xiaomeng Lü (a1) and Zaoxue Yan (a1)...


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