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Transformation-induced plasticity in Fe–Cr–V–C

  • Uta Kühn, Jan Romberg, Norbert Mattern, Horst Wendrock (a1) and Jürgen Eckert (a2)...


On the basis of the Fe84.3C4.6Cr4.3Mo4.6V2.2 high-speed tool steel, manufactured under relatively high cooling rates and highly pure conditions, a further improvement of the mechanical characteristics by slight modification of the alloy composition was attempted. For this, the alloy Fe88.9Cr4.3V2.2C4.6 was generated by elimination of Mo. By applying special preparation conditions, a microstructure composed of martensite, retained austenite, and a fine network of special carbides was obtained already in the as-cast state. This material exhibits extremely high compression strength of over 5000 MPa combined with large compression strain of more than 25% due to deformation-induced martensite formation. With this alloy a new composition of transformation-induced plasticity-assisted steels was found, which shows an extreme mechanical loading capacity.


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Transformation-induced plasticity in Fe–Cr–V–C

  • Uta Kühn, Jan Romberg, Norbert Mattern, Horst Wendrock (a1) and Jürgen Eckert (a2)...


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