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Towards electroformed nanostructured aluminum alloys with high strength and ductility

  • Shiyun Ruan (a1) and Christopher A. Schuh (a1)


Nanostructured Al–Mn alloys are proposed as high-strength low-density materials, which can be electroformed (i.e., produced electrolytically and removed from the substrate) from ionic liquid. A variety of current waveforms, including direct current (DC) and pulsed current (PC), are used to electrodeposit nanostructured Al–Mn alloys, with some PC methods producing significant improvements in film ductility. Transmission electron microscopy observations point to a number of structural advantages induced by PC that apparently ductilize the Al–Mn alloys: (i) grain refinement to the nanocrystalline range without the introduction of a competing amorphous phase, (ii) unimodal nanocrystalline grain size distribution, and (iii) more homogeneous structure. The significant increase in apparent ductility in the PC alloys is also apparently related to stress- or deformation-induced grain growth, which leads to alloys with unique combinations of specific hardness and film ductility.

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      Towards electroformed nanostructured aluminum alloys with high strength and ductility
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      Towards electroformed nanostructured aluminum alloys with high strength and ductility
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      Towards electroformed nanostructured aluminum alloys with high strength and ductility
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Corresponding author

b)Address all correspondence to this author. e-mail: schuh@mit.eduThis author was an editor of this journal during the review and decision stage. For the JMR policy on review and publication of manuscripts authored by editors, please refer to


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Towards electroformed nanostructured aluminum alloys with high strength and ductility

  • Shiyun Ruan (a1) and Christopher A. Schuh (a1)


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