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Thermodynamic study and preparation of Si–B–N ceramic coating by LPCVD from SiCl4–NH3–BCl3–H2–Ar system

  • Jianping Li (a1), Laifei Cheng (a1), Fang Ye (a1), Yongsheng Liu (a1), Yan Zhu (a1) and Litong Zhang (a1)...


The codeposition characteristics of Si–B–N ceramics from the SiCl4–NH3–BCl3–H2–Ar system at lower temperatures and phase transformation of as-prepared Si–B–N ceramics at temperatures from 1200 to 1800 °C were investigated. Thermodynamic analysis results indicated that the BN + Si3N4 dual phase region existed from 800 to 1200 °C and that 800 °C was an optimum deposition temperature to deposit Si–B–N ceramic coating. Deposition efficiencies at equilibrium for Si3N4 and BN were high, particularly at temperatures below 1000 °C. Pressure and dilution ratio of H2 had little influence on deposition efficiencies of BN and Si3N4 at 800 °C. The amorphous Si–B–N ceramic coatings were successfully deposited at 800 °C from the same precursor system and contained N–B and N–Si bonds by XPS analysis. It kept amorphous below 1600 °C in N2 and partly transformed to α/β-Si3N4 when heat treated at 1600 °C in N2 for 2 h. These results demonstrated that the composite Si–B–N ceramics could be fabricated at 800 °C and used below 1600 °C.


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Contributing Editor: Yanchun Zhou



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