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Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by a hot-wall high-temperature metalorganic chemical vapor deposition process

  • Young-Jin Choi (a1), Jae-Hwan Park (a1) and Jae-Gwan Park (a1)


ZnO nanorods with diameter of 30–200 nm were synthesized by a metalorganic chemical vapor deposition process in a hot-wall type chamber at elevated temperatures above 700 °C. At temperatures between 400 and 500 °C, ZnO thin films and wrinkles were synthesized. Above 500 °C, vertically aligned ZnO nanorods were grown on a Si and sapphire substrate without any catalysts. The range of diameter was 30–200 nm. When Au catalysts were deposited on the substrate prior to the deposition, nanocombs and nanosheets as well as nanorods were synthesized. In particylar, ZnO could be grown selectively along the pattern of the Au catalyst with the aid of a Au–Zn alloy.


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Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by a hot-wall high-temperature metalorganic chemical vapor deposition process

  • Young-Jin Choi (a1), Jae-Hwan Park (a1) and Jae-Gwan Park (a1)


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