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Synthesis of transparent magnetic particle/organic hybrid film using iron–organics

  • Toshinobu Yogo (a1), Tomoyuki Nakamura (a1), Wataru Sakamoto (a1) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a1)


A transparent magnetic particle/organic film was synthesized from an iron–organic compound. Iron(III) 3-allylacetylacetonate (IAA) was polymerized followed by in situ hydrolysis yielding an iron oxide particle/oligomer hybrid. The sizes of magnetic particles were dependent upon the hydrolysis conditions of the IAA oligomers. A nanometer-sized ferrimagnetic iron oxide particle/oligomer hybrid showed a magnetization curve with no coercive force at 300 K and that with Hc of 200 Oe at 4.2 K, respectively. The magnetization versus H/T curves at 300 and 77 K were superimposed on each other and satisfied the Langevin equation. The transparent hybrid film showed a magnetization curve at room temperature. The absorption spectrum of the film was shifted to higher energy by 0.14 eV compared with that of bulk magnetite. The absorption edge of the film was blue-shifted.



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Synthesis of transparent magnetic particle/organic hybrid film using iron–organics

  • Toshinobu Yogo (a1), Tomoyuki Nakamura (a1), Wataru Sakamoto (a1) and Shin-ichi Hirano (a1)


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