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Synthesis of large scale MoS2 for electronics and energy applications

  • Nitin Choudhary (a1), Mumukshu D. Patel (a1), Juhong Park (a1), Ben Sirota (a1) and Wonbong Choi (a2)...


Layered molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) has attracted great attention owing to its unique properties. However, synthesizing large area thin film with high crystal quality and uniformity remains a challenge. The present study explores large scale MoS2 growth methods, i.e., two-step method of sputtering-chemical vapor deposition and direct sputtering method, and applies them to fabricate field effect transistors and supercapacitors, respectively. The thickness modulated MoS2 films by two-step method exhibited high field effect mobility [∼12.24 cm2/(V s)] and current on/off ratio (∼106). The direct sputtering of MoS2 demonstrated excellent electrochemical performance with a high capacitance (∼30 mF/cm2) and cyclic stability upto 5000 cycles. Our growth methods reported here for the large scale MoS2 with high uniformity can trigger the development of several important technologies in two-dimensional materials.


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