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Synthesis of high-strength W–Ta ultrafine-grain composites

  • R.T. Ott (a1), X.Y. Yang (a1), D.E. Guyer (a1), S. Chauhan (a2) and D.J. Sordelet (a1)...


Bulk samples of an ultrafine-grained tungsten–tantalum composite alloy have been synthesized by consolidating mechanically milled composite powders. The grain growth during densification is limited due to the submicron-scale layering of the individual metals in the composite particles and the relatively low sintering temperature (1300 °C). The ultrafine microstructure of the high-density (∼99% theoretical density) samples leads to a high yield stress of ∼3 GPa under quasi-static uniaxial compression. A tendency for Ta-rich solid-solution formation during densification was observed, and the high-temperature phase equilibria in the composite powders were examined further using high-energy x-ray diffraction at temperatures up to 1300 °C.


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Synthesis of high-strength W–Ta ultrafine-grain composites

  • R.T. Ott (a1), X.Y. Yang (a1), D.E. Guyer (a1), S. Chauhan (a2) and D.J. Sordelet (a1)...


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