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Structure and properties of Al–Mg mechanical alloys

  • Mirko Schoenitz (a1) and Edward L. Dreizin (a1)


Mechanically alloys in the Al–Mg binary system in the range of 5–50 at.% Mg were produced for prospective use as metallic additives for propellants and explosives. Structure and composition of the alloys were characterized by x-ray diffraction microscopy (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy. The mechanical alloys consisted of a supersaturated solid solution of Mg in the α aluminum phase, γ phase (Al12Mg17), and additional amorphous material. The strongest supersaturation of Mg in the α phase (20.8%) was observed for bulk Mg concentrations up to 40%. At 30% Mg, the γ phase formed in quantities detectable by XRD; it became the dominating phase for higher Mg concentrations. No β phase (Al3Mg2) was detected in the mechanical alloys. The observed Al solid solution generally had a lower Mg concentration than the bulk composition. Thermal stability and structural transitions were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry. Several exothermic transitions, attributed to the crystallization of β and γ phases were observed. The present work provides the experimental basis for the development of detailed combustion and ignition models for these novel energetic materials.



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