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Structural stability and Raman scattering of InN nanowires under high pressure

  • L.D. Yao (a1), S.D. Luo (a1), X. Shen (a1), S.J. You (a1), L.X. Yang (a1), S.J. Zhang (a1), S. Jiang (a2), Y.C. Li (a2), J. Liu (a2), K. Zhu (a1), Y.L. Liu (a1), W.Y. Zhou (a1), L.C. Chen (a1), C.Q. Jin (a1), R.C. Yu (a1) and S.S. Xie (a1)...


High-pressure in situ angular dispersive x-ray diffraction study on the wurtzite-type InN nanowires has been carried out by means of the image-plate technique and diamond-anvil cell (DAC) up to about 31.8 GPa. The pressure-induced structural transition from the wurtzite to a rocksalt-type phase occurs at about 14.6 GPa, which is slightly higher than the transition pressure of InN bulk materials (∼12.1 GPa). The relative volume reduction at the transition point is close to 17.88%, and the bulk modulus B0 is determined through fitting the relative volume-pressure experimental data related to the wurtzite and rocksalt phases to the Birch–Murnaghan equation of states. Moreover, high-pressure Raman scattering for InN nanowires were also investigated in DAC at room temperature. The corresponding structural transition was confirmed by assignment of phonon modes. We calculated the mode Grüneisen parameters for the wurtzite and rocksalt phases of InN nanowires.


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Structural stability and Raman scattering of InN nanowires under high pressure

  • L.D. Yao (a1), S.D. Luo (a1), X. Shen (a1), S.J. You (a1), L.X. Yang (a1), S.J. Zhang (a1), S. Jiang (a2), Y.C. Li (a2), J. Liu (a2), K. Zhu (a1), Y.L. Liu (a1), W.Y. Zhou (a1), L.C. Chen (a1), C.Q. Jin (a1), R.C. Yu (a1) and S.S. Xie (a1)...


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