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Stereophotogrammetric Investigation of Overload and Cyclic Fatigue Fracture Surface Morphologies in a Zr–Ti–Ni–Cu–Be Bulk Metallic Glass

  • A. Tatschl (a1), C. J. Gilbert (a2), V. Schroeder (a2), R. Pippan (a1) and R. O. Ritchie (a2)...


Fracture surfaces of a recently developed Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10.0Be22.5 (at.%) bulk metallic glass were investigated using a three-dimensional surface reconstruction technique. Stereoscopic scanning electron microscopy of both fatigue and overload fracture surfaces permitted the creation of digital elevation models that were used to quantify important fracture surface features. Characterization of the surfaces revealed striations of nearly constant spacing on fatigue surfaces and a vein morphology characteristic in amorphous metals on the overload fracture surfaces. Additionally, at the onset of critical failure, crack-tip openings of ˜16 μm were observed that were consistent with measured values of fracture toughness. Interestingly, at the onset of fracture, deformation was confined to one side of the fracture plane, possibly because of the asymmetric emission of shear bands from the crack tip, consistent with the highly inhomogeneous nature of deformation in this alloy.



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