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Spherical indentation for determining the phase transition properties of shape memory alloys

  • Linmao Qian (a1), Shuang Zhang (a1), Dongyang Li (a2) and Zhongrong Zhou (a1)


A spherical indentation method was developed to characterize the phase transition behaviors of shape memory alloys (SMAs). Based on deformation analysis, the measured indentation force-depth curves of SMAs can be converted to their nominal stress-strain curves. The predicted elastic modulus and phase transition stress of SMAs from spherical indentation agree well with those directly measured from tensile tests. This approach should be especially useful for characterizing the phase transition properties of SMA materials of small size or thin films.


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Spherical indentation for determining the phase transition properties of shape memory alloys

  • Linmao Qian (a1), Shuang Zhang (a1), Dongyang Li (a2) and Zhongrong Zhou (a1)


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