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A solvothermal decomposition process for fabrication and particle sizes control of Bi2S3 nanowires

  • Shu-Hong Yu (a1), Lei Shu (a2), Jian Yang (a2), Zhao-Hui Han (a2), Yi-Tai Qian (a1) and Yu-Heng Zhang (a1)...


A novel one-step solvothermal decomposition process (SDP) was successfully developed for fabrication of Bi2S3 nanowires via a reaction between BiCl3 and thiourea in polar solvents at 140 °C for 6–12 h. The influence of solvents, reaction temperature, and reaction time on the formation of Bi2S3 nanowires was investigated. The yield was as high as 98%. The particle sizes of Bi2S3 nanowires are controlled by the choice of solvents. The possible formation mechanism of Bi2S3 nanowires via the so-called SDP method is proposed. The present technique is expected to synthesize other nanostructural metal chalcogenides under mild conditions.


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A solvothermal decomposition process for fabrication and particle sizes control of Bi2S3 nanowires

  • Shu-Hong Yu (a1), Lei Shu (a2), Jian Yang (a2), Zhao-Hui Han (a2), Yi-Tai Qian (a1) and Yu-Heng Zhang (a1)...


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