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Preparation of porous zirconium microspheres by magnesiothermic reduction and their microstructural characteristics

  • Kyung-Tae Park (a1), Hayk H. Nersisyan (a2), Byong-Sun Chun (a3) and Jong-Hyeon Lee (a4)


Porous zirconium metal microspheres were synthesized successfully by a combustion technique using ZrO2 + 2Mg starting mixture. In this process, a controlled amount of KClO3 + 3Mg is mixed with ZrO2 + 2Mg to enable a self-sustaining combustion process and to promote a reduction of the ZrO2. The framework structure, morphology, and porosity of zirconium microspheres were determined using various techniques. Microscopic visualization suggested that the spherical structure has macroporous windows of diameter ∼0.5–5.0 μm and the space between the macropores has a wormhole-like mesoporous/microporous structure. The mesoporous structure had a pore diameter of ∼1.19 nm. This procedure provides an easy method for the synthesis of porous microspherical assemblies of Zr composed of submicrometer size particles.


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Preparation of porous zirconium microspheres by magnesiothermic reduction and their microstructural characteristics

  • Kyung-Tae Park (a1), Hayk H. Nersisyan (a2), Byong-Sun Chun (a3) and Jong-Hyeon Lee (a4)


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