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Preparation of CuIn(SxSe1–x)2 thin films with tunable band gap by controlling sulfurization temperature of CuInSe2

  • Guangjun Wang (a1), Gang Cheng (a1), Binbin Hu (a1), Xiaoli Wang (a1), Shaoming Wan (a1), Sixin Wu (a1) and Zuliang Du (a1)...


In this paper, polycrystalline CuIn(SxSe1–x)2 thin films with tunable x and Eg (band gap) values were prepared by controlling the sulfurization temperature (T) of CuInSe2 thin films. X-ray diffraction indicated the CuIn(SxSe1–x)2 films exhibited a homogeneous chalcopyrite structure. When T increases from 150 to 500 °C, x increases from 0 to 1, and Eg increases from 0.96 to 1.43 eV. The relations between x and Eg and the sulfurization process of CuIn(SxSe1–x)2 thin films have been discussed. This work provides an easy and low-cost technique for preparing large area absorber layers of solar cell with tunable Eg.


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