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Preparation and characterization of a novel solid solution of aluminum in tungsten carbide by mechanically activated high-temperature reaction

  • Junmin Yan (a1), Xianfeng Ma (a2), Wei Zhao (a2), Huaguo Tang (a1), Changjun Zhu (a1) and Shuguang Cai (a1)...


In this work, a novel substitutional solid solution (W0.8Al0.2)C was synthesized by mechanically activated high-temperature reaction. X-ray diffraction was used for phase identification during the whole reaction process. Environment scanning electronic microscopy–field emission gun and energy dispersive x-ray were used to investigate the microstructure and the quantitative material composition of the specimen. (W0.8Al0.2)C was found to crystallize in the WC-type, and the cell parameters were a = 2.907(1) Å and c = 2.837(1) Å. The hardness of (W0.8Al0.2)C was tested to be 19.3 ± 1 GPa, and the density was 13.19 ± 0.05 g cm−3.


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