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Prediction of formation of intermetallic compounds in diffusion couples

  • Huashan Liu (a1), Hang Wang (a1), Wenjun Zhu (a1), Xiaoma Tao (a1) and Zhanpeng Jin (a1)...


Formation of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) at the interface between two metals during soldering processing exerts much influence on the electrical and mechanical performance of integrate circuits (ICs). Considering both of the thermodynamic and kinetic factors (including nucleation and growth) on phase formation, a new model capable of predicting phase formation sequence at the interface between two metals with different structures has been proposed in this work. Application of this new model on the interfacial reactions between pure elemental pairs of metals such as Ni/Sn, Cu/In, Cu/Sn, and Co/Sn at different temperatures shows good agreement between predictions by this model and experimental observations.


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