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Polarization reorientation in ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate thin films with electron beams

  • D.B. Li (a1), D.R. Strachan (a2), J.H. Ferris (a1) and D.A. Bonnell (a1)


Ferroelectric domain patterning with an electron beam is demonstrated. Polarization of lead zirconate titanate thin films is shown to be reoriented in both positive and negative directions using piezoresponse force and scanning surface potential microscopy. Reorientation of the ferroelectric domains is a response to the electric field generated by an imbalance of electron emission and trapping at the surface. A threshold of 500 μC/cm2 and a saturation of 1500 μC/cm2 were identified. Regardless of beam energy, the polarization is reoriented negatively for beam currents less than 50 pA and positively for beam currents greater than 1 nA.


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Polarization reorientation in ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate thin films with electron beams

  • D.B. Li (a1), D.R. Strachan (a2), J.H. Ferris (a1) and D.A. Bonnell (a1)


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