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Photoluminescence spectra of undoped and Sm3+-doped BaAl2S4 and BaAl2Se4 single crystals

  • Moon-Seog Jin (a1), Choong-Il Lee (a2), Chang-Sun Yoon (a3), Chang-Dae Kim (a4), Jae-Mo Goh (a5) and Wha-Tek Kim (a5)...


Undoped and Sm3+-doped BaAl2S4 and BaAl2Se4 single crystals were grown by the chemical transport reaction method. The optical energy band gaps of the BaAl2S4 and BaAl2Se4 were found to be 4.10 and 3.47 eV, respectively, at 5 K. In their photoluminescence spectra measured at 5 K, broad emission peaks at 459 and 601 nm appeared in the BaAl2S4 and at 486 and 652 nm in the BaAl2Se4. These emissions are assigned to donor–acceptor pair recombinations. Sharp emission peaks were observed in the Sm3+-doped BaAl2S4 and BaAl2Se4 single crystals at 5 K. Taking into account the ionic radii of the cations and Sm3+, these sharp emission peaks are attributed to the electron transitions between the energy levels of Sm3+ substituting with the Ba site.



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