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New approach to depositing yttria-stabilized zirconia buffer layers for coated conductors

  • S. Sambasivan (a1), I. Kim (a1), S. Barnett (a1), M. A. Zurbuchen (a1), J. Ji (a1), B. W. Kang (a2), A. Goyal (a2), P. N. Barnes (a3) and C. E. Oberly (a3)...


A new approach for the production of yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) oxide buffer layers directly on metal rolling-assisted biaxially textured substrates (RABiTS) is described in this paper. This represents a significant advance over existing techniques and avoids the need for complicated steps to avoid substrate oxidation during direct deposition of oxides. Current densities of about 1 MA/cm2 have been achieved for YBa2Cu3O7-δ layers on the YSZ buffer, with an intermediate CeO2 layer. The process consists of reactive sputtering of a YxZr1−xN film directly on the RABiTS, which adopts its biaxial texture. This nitride film is then converted to YSZ via a thermal oxidation step. The YSZ films retain the texture of the nitride film (and of the RABiTS) through local syntaxy. In many cases, YSZ films exhibit improved biaxial texture over that of the RABiTS substrate. Nitrides can be sputter deposited at much higher rates relative to oxides, making the approach industrially scalable and economical.



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New approach to depositing yttria-stabilized zirconia buffer layers for coated conductors

  • S. Sambasivan (a1), I. Kim (a1), S. Barnett (a1), M. A. Zurbuchen (a1), J. Ji (a1), B. W. Kang (a2), A. Goyal (a2), P. N. Barnes (a3) and C. E. Oberly (a3)...


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