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Nanopatterned optical and magnetic La0.6Ca0.4MnO3 arrays: Synthesis, fabrication, and properties

  • Ming-Chung Wu, Chih-Min Chuang, Jhih-Fong Lin, Yu-Ching Huang (a1), Yang-Fang Chen (a2) and Wei-Fang Su (a1)...


We have fabricated La0.6Ca0.4MnO3 periodic arrays exhibiting tunable optical properties and magnetic properties using nontoxic and environmentally friendly electron beam resist made from La0.6Ca0.4MnO3 sol-gel precursor. We studied their unique optical properties by using the spectral microreflectometer and their magnetic properties using the superconducting quantum interference device and magnetic force microscopy. Additionally, the resist has the ability to demonstrate both positive and negative resist behaviors depending on the electron beam dosage. With these special characteristics, we can fabricate periodic structure on a thin film possessing controlled optical reflectance properties with one fixed design electron beam pattern without changing the structural parameters but changing the electron beam dosage only. Our approach provides an uncomplicated route for the fabrication of nanometer scale magnetic patterns, which serve as the building blocks in the search for novel properties of periodic magnetic arrays.


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Nanopatterned optical and magnetic La0.6Ca0.4MnO3 arrays: Synthesis, fabrication, and properties

  • Ming-Chung Wu, Chih-Min Chuang, Jhih-Fong Lin, Yu-Ching Huang (a1), Yang-Fang Chen (a2) and Wei-Fang Su (a1)...


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