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Nanocrystalline Nd2–yGdyZr2O7 pyrochlore: Facile synthesis and electrical characterization

  • Balaji P. Mandal (a1), Atanu Dutta (a2), S.K. Deshpande (a3), R.N. Basu (a2) and Avesh K. Tyagi (a1)...


Three solid solutions of pyrochlores in the series Nd2-yearsGdyZr2O7 (y = 0.8, 1.0, 1.2) were synthesized by the gel combustion method using citric acid as fuel. This results in a soft agglomerate powder as verified by dynamic light scattering. The single-phase nature of the products has been confirmed by x-ray diffraction. The increase in full width at half-maxima in the Raman spectra with an increase in Gd3+ content indicates that disorder increases with Gd3+ content. The morphology and particle size of the products were investigated by transmission electron microscopy. Scanning electron microscopy study reveals that the sintered pellets have a density higher than 92% of theoretical densities. The total ionic conductivity measurements in the temperature range 375–800 °C show that with the increase of disorder (Gd3+ content) in the system the activation energy of conduction increases from 0.98 to 1.06 eV and the preexponential factor, which is proportional to the number of mobile species, also follow the same trend of increase. The total conductivity measured in reducing atmosphere shows no change in electrical conductivity, which verifies a negligible contribution of electronic contribution in this system.


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Nanocrystalline Nd2–yGdyZr2O7 pyrochlore: Facile synthesis and electrical characterization

  • Balaji P. Mandal (a1), Atanu Dutta (a2), S.K. Deshpande (a3), R.N. Basu (a2) and Avesh K. Tyagi (a1)...


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