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Microwave-assisted synthesis of calcium phosphate nanowhiskers

  • Sahil Jalota (a1), A. Cuneyt Tas (a1) and Sarit B. Bhaduri (a1)


Calcium phosphate [single-phase hydroxyapatite (HA), single-phase tricalcium phosphate (TCP), and biphasic HA-TCP] nanowhiskers and/or powders were produced by using a novel microwave-assisted “combustion synthesis (auto ignition)/molten salt synthesis” hybrid route. This work is an example of our “synergistic processing” philosophy combining these three technologies while taking advantage of their useful aspects. Aqueous solutions containing NaNO3, Ca(NO3)2·4H2O and KH2PO4 (with or without urea) were irradiated in a household microwave oven for 5 min at 600 watts of power. The as-synthesized precursors were then simply stirred in water at room temperature for 1 h to obtain the nanowhiskers or powders of the desired calcium phosphate bioceramics.


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