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Microstructure of Al1.3CrFeNi eutectic high entropy alloy and oxidation behavior at 1000 °C

  • Xiao Chen (a1), Yanwei Sui (a1), Jiqiu Qi (a1), Yezeng He (a1), Fuxiang Wei (a1), Qingkun Meng (a1) and Zhi Sun (a1)...


Al1.3CrFeNi eutectic high entropy alloy was designed and prepared by arc-melting to investigate the microstructure and oxidation behaviors at 1000 °C. The XRD pattern shows that this alloy had a double bcc/B2 structure. SEM images indicates that the microstructure of the alloy is composed of two precipitates of [Cr, Fe] solid solution and NiAl intermetallic, which form the typical eutectic structure. To explore the thermal application of Al1.3CrFeNi alloy, the oxidation behavior of Al1.3CrFeNi alloy at 1000 °C was investigated. From XRD and SEM results, it could be concluded that Al2O3 and Cr2O3 were the predominant oxides during the oxidation process. In addition, spinel like FeCr2O4 was also observed in the oxide scale. According to the analysis of oxide precipitates, the whole process of oxides’ formation was discussed and a simplified oxidation dynamic model of Al1.3CrFeNi alloy at 1000 °C was obtained. This could promote the development of thermal applications in multi-component alloys field.


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Microstructure of Al1.3CrFeNi eutectic high entropy alloy and oxidation behavior at 1000 °C

  • Xiao Chen (a1), Yanwei Sui (a1), Jiqiu Qi (a1), Yezeng He (a1), Fuxiang Wei (a1), Qingkun Meng (a1) and Zhi Sun (a1)...


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