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Microstructure investigation of rapidly solidified Al–V–Fe alloys

  • G. He (a1), C. H. Shek (a2), Joseph K. L. Lai (a2), Z. Bian (a3), X. D. Hui (a3) and G. L. Chen (a3)...


The microstructures and their thermal behaviors of quenched Al94V4Fe2, Al90V8Fe2, Al86V8Fe6, and Al85V9Fe2Ni4 alloys were investigated by x-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry. The as-quenched microstructures of the four alloys consist of quasicrystal particles and a fcc-α–Al matrix. The as-quenched Al86V8Fe6 and Al85V9Fe2Ni4 alloys also contain a small volume fraction of amorphous phase. All phases observed have fine morphologies with grain sizes of less than 100 nm. With the increase in V from 4 to 8 at.% at 2 at.% Fe, the average grain size decreases from 100 to 70 nm and the melting temperature of α–Al solid solution increases from 640 to 653 °C. The alloy with 8 at.% V has a finer and more stable microstructure than that of the alloy with 4 at.% V. The Fe addition has minor effect on grain size but improves the glass-forming ability. The Ni addition significantly improves the glass-forming ability and refines the microstructure. The metastable amorphous and quasicrystalline phases transform into a stable crystalline phase during continuous heating and cooling. The stable phases in these Al–V–Fe alloys include α–Al(V, Fe), Al10V, and Al80V12.5Fe7.5.


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