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Microstructure and thermal conductivity of hypereutectic Al-high Si produced by casting and spray deposition

  • Yandong Jia (a1), Fuyang Cao (a2), Pan Ma (a3), Sergio Scudino (a4), Jürgen Eckert (a5), Jianfei Sun (a2) and Gang Wang (a6)...


The Al–50Si alloy, as a kind of potential electronic packaging material, is manufactured by different methods, such as casting and spray deposition. The possible influences of the P refiner on the microstructure of the Al–50Si alloy are investigated at different cooling rates. The refinement mechanism of primary Si phase is discussed in view of the P refiner addition, and the variation of the cooling rates. The thermal conductivity (TC), as a key parameter for electronic materials, is measured. The coupled effects of the cooling rate and the addition of the P refiner during the solidification of the Al–50Si alloy on the TC are elucidated based on structural observations. Furthermore, the porosity in the Al–50Si alloy is treated as a second phase influencing the TC.


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Microstructure and thermal conductivity of hypereutectic Al-high Si produced by casting and spray deposition

  • Yandong Jia (a1), Fuyang Cao (a2), Pan Ma (a3), Sergio Scudino (a4), Jürgen Eckert (a5), Jianfei Sun (a2) and Gang Wang (a6)...


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