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Mechanochemical synthesis of ReB2 powder

  • Nina Orlovskaya (a1), Zhilin Xie (a1), Mikhail Klimov (a2), Helge Heinrich (a3), David Restrepo (a4), Richard Blair (a4) and Challapalli Suryanarayana (a5)...


ReB2 was recently reported to exhibit high hardness and low compressibility, which both are strong functions of its stoichiometry, namely Re to B ratio. Most of the techniques used for ReB2 synthesis reported 1:2.5 Re to B ratio because of the loss of the B during high temperature synthesis. However, as a result of B excess, the amorphous boron, located along the grain boundaries of polycrystalline ReB2, would degrade the ReB2 properties. Therefore, techniques which could allow synthesizing the stoichiometric ReB2 preferably at room temperature are in high demand. Here, we report synthesis of ReB2 powders using mechanochemical route by milling elemental crystalline Re and amorphous B powders in the SPEX 8000 high-energy ball mill for 80 h. The formation of boron and perrhenic acids are also reported after ReB2 powder was exposed to the moist air environment for a 12-month period of time.


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Mechanochemical synthesis of ReB2 powder

  • Nina Orlovskaya (a1), Zhilin Xie (a1), Mikhail Klimov (a2), Helge Heinrich (a3), David Restrepo (a4), Richard Blair (a4) and Challapalli Suryanarayana (a5)...


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