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The mechanical properties of a surface-modified layer on polydimethylsiloxane

  • K.L. Mills (a1), Xiaoyue Zhu (a2), Shuichi Takayama (a3) and M.D. Thouless (a4)


Surface modification of the elastomer polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) by exposure to oxygen plasma for four minutes creates a thin, stiff film. In this study, the thickness and mechanical properties of this surface-modified layer were determined. Using the phase image capabilities of a tapping-mode atomic force microscope (AFM), the surface-modified region was distinguished from the bulk PDMS; specifically, it suggested a graded surface layer to a depth of about 200 nm. Load-displacement data for elastic indentation using a compliant AFM cantilever was analyzed as a plate bending on an elastic foundation to determine the elastic modulus of the surface (37 MPa). An applied uniaxial strain generated a series of parallel nanocracks with spacing on the order of a few microns. Numerical analyses of this cracking phenomenon showed that the depth of these cracks was in the range of 300–600 nm and that the surface layer was extremely brittle, with toughness in the range of 0.1– 0.3 J/m2.


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The mechanical properties of a surface-modified layer on polydimethylsiloxane

  • K.L. Mills (a1), Xiaoyue Zhu (a2), Shuichi Takayama (a3) and M.D. Thouless (a4)


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