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Influence of heterogeneities with different length scale on the plasticity of Fe-base ultrafine eutectic alloys

  • Jin Man Park (a1), Do Hyang Kim (a1), Ki Buem Kim (a2), Min Ha Lee (a3), Won Tae Kim (a4) and Jürgen Eckert (a5)...


The evolution of microstructure and its influence on the mechanical properties of high-strength ultrafine eutectic Fe–(Ti, Zr)–(B, Co) alloys has been studied. The addition of B or Co improves the room temperature compressive plasticity from 1% to ∼8.5% or ∼14%, respectively, due to the formation of a heterogeneous microstructure with distinctly different length scales, which can delay the propagation of shear bands and promotes the activation of multiple shear bands.


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29JCPDFWIN Version 2.2 JCPDS-International Center for Diffraction Data,2001


Influence of heterogeneities with different length scale on the plasticity of Fe-base ultrafine eutectic alloys

  • Jin Man Park (a1), Do Hyang Kim (a1), Ki Buem Kim (a2), Min Ha Lee (a3), Won Tae Kim (a4) and Jürgen Eckert (a5)...


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