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Influence of heat treatment on microstructure, mechanical behavior, and soft magnetic properties in an fcc-based Fe29Co28Ni29Cu7Ti7 high-entropy alloy

  • Zhiqiang Fu (a1), Benjamin E. MacDonald (a1), Todd C. Monson (a2), Baolong Zheng (a1), Weiping Chen (a3) and Enrique J. Lavernia (a1)...


The influence of heat treatment (homogenization) on the microstructure, mechanical behavior, and soft magnetic properties of a face-centered cubic (fcc)-based high-entropy alloy (HEA), Fe29Co28Ni29Cu7Ti7, fabricated by casting, was investigated in detail. The as-cast Fe29Co28Ni29Cu7Ti7 HEA was composed of a primary fcc phase containing coherent dispersed L12 nanoprecipitates and trace amounts of a needle-like phase. The tensile yield strength (σ0.2), ultimate strength, and total elongation of the as-cast alloy are 917 MPa, 1060 MPa, and 1.8%, respectively. Following homogenization, the alloy having a single fcc phase shows a decrease of ∼ 55% in yield strength and a decrease of ∼ 36% in ultimate strength; however, the total elongation is increased from 1.8 to 52%. Saturation magnetization (Msat) is decreased from 111.54 to 110.34 Am2/kg, by contrast, coercivity (Hc) is increased from 266.65 to 966.89 A/m. The dissolution of precipitates and grain growth are mainly responsible for the changes in magnetic properties and mechanical behavior.


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Influence of heat treatment on microstructure, mechanical behavior, and soft magnetic properties in an fcc-based Fe29Co28Ni29Cu7Ti7 high-entropy alloy

  • Zhiqiang Fu (a1), Benjamin E. MacDonald (a1), Todd C. Monson (a2), Baolong Zheng (a1), Weiping Chen (a3) and Enrique J. Lavernia (a1)...


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