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In situ transmission electron microscopy study of the silicidation process in Co thin films on patterned (001) Si substrates

  • C. Ghica (a1), L. Nistor (a1), H. Bender (a2), A. Steegen (a2), A. Lauwers (a2), K. Maex (a2) and J. Van Landuyt (a3)...


The results of an in situ transmission electron microscopy study of the formation of Co-silicides on patterned (001) Si substrates are discussed. It is shown that the results of the in situ heating experiments agreed very well with the data based on standard rapid thermal annealing experiments. Fast heating rates resulted in better definition of the silicide lines. Also, better lines were obtained for samples that received already a low-temperature ex situ anneal. A Ti cap layer gave rise to a higher degree of epitaxy in the CoSi2 silicide.


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