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Hydrogen behavior in Mg+-implanted graphite

  • W. Jiang (a1), V. Shutthanandan (a1), Y. Zhang (a1), S. Thevuthasan (a1), W.J. Weber (a1) and G.J. Exarhos (a1)...


A graphite wafer has been implanted with Mg+ to produce a uniform Mg concentration. Subsequent H+ implantation covered the Mg+-implanted and -unimplanted regions. Ion-beam analysis shows a higher H retention in graphite embedded with Mg than in regions without Mg. A small amount of H diffuses out of the H+-implanted graphite during thermal annealing at temperatures up to 300 °C. However, significant H release from the region implanted with Mg+ and H+ ions occurs at 150 °C; further release is also observed at 300 °C. The results suggest that there are efficient H trapping centers and fast pathways for H diffusion in the Mg+-implanted graphite, which may prove highly desirable for reversible H storage.


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