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Hydration behavior of MgO single crystals and thin films

  • Jung Heon Lee (a1), Jae Hwan Eun (a1), Soo Gil Kim (a2), Sun Young Park (a1), Mi Jung Lee (a1) and Hyeong Joon Kim (a1)...


MgO single crystals and thin films were intentionally hydrated to determine the critical factors affecting the hydration behavior. The degree of hydration was affected by the crystallographic orientation in the initial stages. The (111) plane showed a higher tendency to hydrate than (100). The shape of the hydration clusters also differed according to the orientation of MgO single crystals. After long-term hydration, the density and grain size appeared to influence the hydration along with the orientation. On low-density thin films, Mg atoms are easily supplied to the surface, which induces large hydration clusters. As the grain boundary area increased, the number of nucleation sites for the formation of hydration clusters increased, which increases the number of clusters. Hydration also occurred in the inner part of thin films. The density of thin films is the most important property in this case because it governs the diffusion of Mg atoms, water, and OH through the thin films.



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Hydration behavior of MgO single crystals and thin films

  • Jung Heon Lee (a1), Jae Hwan Eun (a1), Soo Gil Kim (a2), Sun Young Park (a1), Mi Jung Lee (a1) and Hyeong Joon Kim (a1)...


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