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Hollow Mesoporous Spheres with Cubic Pore Network as a Potential Carrier for Drug Storage and its In Vitro Release Kinetics

  • Yu-Fang Zhu (a1), Jian-Lin Shi (a1), Yong-Sheng Li (a1), Hang-Rong Chen (a1), Wei-Hua Shen (a1) and Xiao-Ping Dong (a1)...


The hollow mesoporous spheres (HMS) with cubic pore network have been synthesized via a simple two-step method. Two drugs of different molecules size, Aspirin and Gentamicin, were tested by one simple adsorption process. Up to 336 mg Aspirin molecules can be stored in 1.0 g HMS, while Gentamicin molecules of much larger size are much more difficult to be introduced into the pore channels of HMS. The same results can be obtained by using MCM-48 and MCM-41 as comparative mesoporous carriers. The HMS shows significantly higher storage amount of Aspirin than conventional MCM-48 and MCM-41 due to its hollow core structure. The release process of HMS-Aspirin, MCM-48-Aspirin and MCM-41-Aspirin are found to have a sustained-release property and follow a Fickian diffusion mechanism. Moreover, the HMS is suitable for storage of drug molecules of much smaller size.


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Hollow Mesoporous Spheres with Cubic Pore Network as a Potential Carrier for Drug Storage and its In Vitro Release Kinetics

  • Yu-Fang Zhu (a1), Jian-Lin Shi (a1), Yong-Sheng Li (a1), Hang-Rong Chen (a1), Wei-Hua Shen (a1) and Xiao-Ping Dong (a1)...


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